Gun Lake's ALERT has been rescinded for fire K71649

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Kamloops district   

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Gun Lake Fire Merchandise

Photos & credit to Kaitlin M. James

Hats $24
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Jul 13 - Major Fire


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Jun 8 - Call Out

Thursday Jun 8th, a call came in at 6 pm about a potential old underground fire on the East side of Gun Lake. GLF had 7 volunteers at the fire hall shortly. After a quick briefing the crew roll out with the truck and one trailer to be on the scene at 6:20pm. Upon arrival we found that the owner had dug up the ground around the potential hot spot. GLF explored for heat in the ground, found some but nothing significant. It was decided that the owner would put a sprinkler on the site overnight.

It was not a significant event, but with the hot dry conditions, GLF was glad for the call. The earlier we get to attack a potential fire the better we have of putting it out or at least limit its growth until forestry help can arrive.

Jun 8 Call Out Jun 8 Call Out Jun 8 Call Out
Gun Lake Fire Crew - Jun 8 2023

Photo & credit to Randy Perazzo

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Jul 2 - Medical Emergency

Gun Lake Fire was notified of a dirt bike accident on Lakeview road of a man down with possible broken legs. A 911 call was immediately initiated by Gun Lake Fire to 911 to have an ambulance dispatched. In addition to the ambulance it was determined that the Kamloops medevac helicopter would be dispatched as well. Three GLF members attended to the accident location to provide first response assessment and to provide location guidance for the ambulance via radio communication.

Under the direction of the ambulance attendants, Gun Lake fire members provided medical assistance to load the injured person on to the stretcher and into the ambulance.

GLF also provided stretcher loading assistance into the medevac helicopter. GLF then returned the recovered dirt bike and accessories to the injured persons residence.

Jun 8 Medical Emergency Jun 8 Medical Emergency
Gun Lake Fire Crew -Assistance on Medical Emergency - Jul 2 2023

Photo & credit to Randy Perazzo

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Jul 5 - Call Out

Wednesday July 5th, around 6 pm, numerous reports came in about a fire on Slim Creek road. The fire is K71145 on the BC WildFire map. It is located just north of Gun Lake.

GLF dispatched a member to check the situiation out. Shortly after GLF issued a call out for its members. Numerous members answered the call out and were on scene, with the fire truck and a support trailer within 20-30 minutes.

The fire turned out to be a smoldering winter burn pile that had continued to burn underground for months. BC forestry had earlier during the day, attended the fire. No flames were present but it was smoking through the ground. GLF applied some water to the site and members began to dig out the burn pile, numerous smoldering logs were pulled out and lots of hot ash was uncovered. About 500 gallons of water was applied to the smoldering ground.

BC forestry arrived at the site and took charge of digging out the burn pile further. It appeared the the fire was still hot and smoldering a meter or two below ground.

GLF retired from the scene leaving further action to BC Forestry.


Jul 5 Call Out Jun 8 Call Out Jun 8 Call Out
Gun Lake Fire Crew - Jul 5 2023

Photo & credit to Rob Schuster and Carmen Stacy

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Firesmart Info

NASA - WildFires 101

TIP: One of the things you can do to protect your cabin is to rake up all the fir cones. Fir cones are like grenades, they IGNITE very easily and can be blown against a cabin easily.

Ignition Zone
Ignition Zone
Ladder fuels
Ladder Fuel Trimming - up to 2 meters

For more Information

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Radio Noise

We have been experiencing a fair bit of Radio Noise lately. To mitigate noise please do NOT leave your radios on, in the charger.   Also please try to avoid pocket signaling [accidently transmitting while the radio is in your pocket].   Thank you for your assistance, GLF.

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Cabin Fires:   Are You Prepared?

Do You Have a kitchen and bedroom fire extinguisher?

Are your extinguishers current ?
Have you checked? Is it time to renew your extinguishers?

Have you set up your fire pump, sprinklers (covering roof, sidewalls and ignition area around the structure(s)) and tested them?

A minimum of one chemical extinguisher (2A 10B C rated) or a compound of water AFFF fire fighting foam extinguisher(3A 21B C rated) should be available for kitchen fires and it is recommended that a second and/or a third extinguisher be available in or near sleep quarters to aid in escaping from a cabin fire.

Fire extinguishers should be upgraded every few years - Great personal investment or gift of perhap ones life!

Do you have your fire pump set up and tested?
Do you have sprinklers for your roof, side walls and ignition area around your structure(s)
Do it now! Don't wait for a fire!  It will be TOO late!!!

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Gun Lake Area Info

Gun Lake specific information: BC WildFire Info, Evacuation, Logging, Shooting, Bug infestation, SLRD, and more....

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Thanks to Member, Friends, Volunteers and Contributors


Again to all of you who volunteer for standby, call out, and evacuation captains, Thank You!
Suggest to your neighbours and friends to also volunteer. Volunteers are our only source of man power help. There can be income tax benefits. You all can contribute, it can be a small or large amount, it is totally up to you.
Even if you are only at the lake for a week or two during the summer, you can help. So please join!

In the event of another fire, we are it! (GLF) , there is no one else!

To be able to help fight a fire until Forestry arrive (usually several hours or a day), you must be trained and have taken the S100 course (its free with a bit your time).
It is required by the Government to be cover by Worker Compensation, as GLF works under BC Forestry.

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Activities and Events -- By GLF -- This Year

Structural Protection Course was held on April 29th and 30th

Structural Protection Course

Here are some more of photos of the event     

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Installation of the Siren on Fire Hall was done on May 7th

Some testing was also done. Hopefully we did NOT disturb any afternoon naps.

The siren will be tested twice a year, once at the beginning of April and again after Thanksgiving. So be aware!

More information will be coming throughout the year, so stay tune to this page!

Siren Installation

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S100 and S185 courses were held on June 3rd and 4th

S100 and S185 Courses

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Previous Years Activities

History of Gun Lake Fire

New Updates Below

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Fire Warning
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Reference guide 

Firesmart Apps



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If you spot a fire CALL
+1(800) 663-5555 FIRST
then call
+1(250) 238-2560

All Emergencies call 911

Lillooet RCMP - Non Emergencies
(250) 256-4244

Let Us Help You

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European Copernicus site

There is a free app called Fire Fringe which aggregates satellite detection of fire heat. Thanks Gllbly Lewis for finding and pointing out the APP.

Sentinelhub Playground

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